Prosthodontics & Dental Implant

Prosthodontics is the dental specialty that treats patients with missing or deficient teeth. Prosthodontic procedures include crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays, complete and partial dentures. Dental implants have become the preferred method for replacing missing teeth, so many prosthodontic procedures today are done with implants as the support instead of the natural teeth or gums. Specialist Dental Surgeons dealing with this kind of treatments are known as Prosthodontists.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once in place, they allow your dentist to mount replacement teeth onto them. No matter your age, if you have a missing tooth or more, implant can restore your ability to chew and smile with confidence. Specialist Dental Surgeons dealing with this kind of treatments are known as Implantologists.

The above specialised sectors of dentistry arerequired for Missing tooth / teeth in one arch or both thearches as well as when all teeth are missing (complete Edentulous).

Services Provided :

  • Removable Partial or Full Dentures
  • Fixed Artificial Tooth / Teeth (Crown & Bridge Prosthesis)
  • Cosmetic Smile Designing

Treatments provided under Dental Implants :
(a) Keyhole Implant
(b) Single Tooth Implant
(c) Multiple Teeth Implant
(d) Full Mouth Reconstruction
(e) All-on-4
(f) Overdentures
(g) Computer-guided Implant
(i) Sinus Augmentation

Consultant Prosthodontist