People those who are conscious about their health always values their teeth till they exist. Through proper food habit and regular care one can achieve naturally healthy teeth. But there are certain foods that can end up destroying your teeth in long run, if you consume them blindly. Here, we will help you out to identify them :

1. SOFT DRINKS : Soft drinks are a combination of Sugar, Acid and Carbonated Water which are highly harmful for your teeth. Regular intake magnifies the process of Tooth Erosion and Decay. Therefore, try to avoid drinking soft drinks as much as possible. Also remember to use a straw while consuming soft drinks in order to avoid direct contact with your teeth.

2. PICKLE : Almost everyone loves to eat various types of mouth watering pickles as per their choice. Though it enhances the taste of food but due to its super acidic vinegar, citrus and sugar content it results in Enamel Erosion. Therefore, try consuming them as less as possible.

3. CANDY & CHOCOLATES : Due to its high sugar content, candies & chocolates are really harmful for your teeth, especially for the children. As they often sticks on to the surface of teeth, it increases the growth of Bacteria to a great extent and accelerates tooth decay.

4. ALCOHOL : Both the red and white form of alcohols results in teeth erosion, in a quick span of time. Alcohols are not only fatal for your internal health but also for your teeth. Therefore, consume them as less as possible.

5. TEA & COFFEE : Coffee and few types of tea contains Tannic Acid which wears away the Enamel of teeth (Enamel Erosion) and also leaves a brownish shed on them. If it is not possible to avoid these drinks completely, try to reduce the frequency of consumption or develop the habit of drinking Green Tea.

6. CITRUS FRUITS : Lemons, Oranges, Sweet Limes, Pineapples etc. though are rich in Vitamin C and other essential nutrients, but it may also result in Enamel Erosion due to its high acid content. Here are the 13 most acidic fruits and their pH value as observed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — Lemon Juice (2.00 – 2.60), Limes (2.00 - 2.80), Cranberry Juice (2.30 – 2.52), Blue Plums (2.80 – 3.40), Grapes (2.90 – 3.82), Pomegranates (2.93 – 3.20), Grapes (3.00 – 3.75), Blueberries (3.12 – 3.33), Pineapples (3.20 – 4.00), Apples (3.33 – 4.00), Peaches (3.30 – 4.05), Mangos (3.40 – 4.80), Oranges (3.69 – 4.34).
As you cannot ignore them due to their essential food value, therefore remember to rinse your teeth properly with water, every time after consuming.

1. Press and hold the cotton / gauze pack at the point of extracted tooth socket with the support of opposite tooth for about 45 minutes.
2. After 45 minutes remove the cotton pack and remember not to spit for the entire day.
3. Take a glass of normal water and then you can consume any type of soft and semi-solid food along with drinks, viz. mildly hot tea, coffee etc.
4. Do not lie flat while sleeping. Prop up your head with pillows.
5. For 7 days, starting from the next day of extraction you should gently rinse your mouth with a glass of luke warm water for atleast 3-4 times a day.
6. You can brush your teeth avoiding the area of extraction and can also take normal bath.
7. Smoking and/or intake of alcohol, for at least 48 hours post extraction is strictly prohibited.
8. Follow the prescription of the concerned Dental Surgeon and take medicines as prescribed. Do remember to inform him/her regarding all other diseases, if you have any, including your daily medicines intake.

N.B. : In case of Post Operative Swelling or Bleeding contact your concerned Dental Surgeon / Clinic OR report it to your nearby Government Hospital.

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